Price: $124.50
(as of Jan 16, 2022 11:29:12 UTC – Details)

Don’t settle for low resolution shows on your HDTV! Get the Televes DigiNova TV antenna and experience vivid and clear signal right in the comfort of your home.
This powerful antenna receives both digital and 1080p HD programs within 60 miles of your local area. It also has a built-in LTE filter that blocks out 4G and cellphone signals that might interfere with your viewing experience. The UHF amplifier is also powered by BOSS Technology that automatically adjusts the output and amplification for you, so you don’t need to get up and constantly tinker with the antenna for a clear signal. An automatic passive mode is also available should the amplifier lose power allowing you to still watch TV.
The DigiNova is constructed out of heavy duty plastic that can withstand the elements. Its compact design doesn’t take up too much space and can even work inside your home! Installation is a breeze, and the HD antenna can be mounted either vertically or horizontally (recommended). Use it with the Solid Signal Heavy Duty Grade 1.25 Inch TV Antenna Mast (ASIN B00BXJG6YQ) for best results!
Europe’s favorite TV antenna is now available for you to enjoy, exclusively from Solid Signal! Watch full HD 1080 programs without having to pay premium cable rates. A built-in splitter allows you to feed the signal to two separate TV’s in your household. If you’re after a strong and reliable antenna that delivers a wide variety of crisp and clear signals, the Televes DigiNova Boss is for you!
BOSS TECHNOLOGY – Gone are the days of manually adjusting gain settings and fumbling around with antenna wires. The UHF amplifier automatically adjusts output and amplification level for optimal gain. Simply plug it in, and the DigiNova does the rest. Passive mode allows you to keep using the antenna even without an external power source.
LTE FILTER – Both old and new antennas experience cellular signal interference. With more and more cellphone towers present today, more 4G and LTE signals are floating around, threatening to reduce HDTV signal quality. In some cases these cellphone signals can be harmful as they overload your antenna! The built-in filter automatically rejects 4G and LTE signals for the best home viewing experience possible.
EASY TO INSTALL – Best used with the Solid Signal Heavy Duty Grade 1.25 Inch TV Antenna Mast (ASIN B00BXJG6YQ). You can mount the DigiNova antenna either in a horizontal (recommended) or vertical position. Comes with a U-bolt, clamp, and bolts for hassle-free installation.
EUROPEAN DESIGN – Manufactured in Spain, the DigiNova is made from heavy duty plastic that is hard-wearing and weather proof. Its slim design makes it easy to handle and install, not to mention it has a great sleek look as well! This TV antenna has UV resistant properties to make it last longer when mounted outside your home. Ideal for balconies and roofs. With a footprint that is smaller than a majority of traditional outdoor TV antennas, the Televes DigiNova is unobtrusive and HOA friendly.