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Product Description

Woman removes blue poly mailers that says "Happiness Inside" from mailbox.Woman removes blue poly mailers that says "Happiness Inside" from mailbox.

High-End Boutique Mailers for Small Businesses

Whether your business is brand new or you are well established, we believe that you should have gorgeous packaging that matches the high quality items that you are sending to your customers.

Our mailers are designed with your business in mind.

Logo image with the words: Hollyhock CreativeLogo image with the words: Hollyhock Creative

A Message from Our Small Business

We are a small family owned business in the heart of the Midwest. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we saw a need for stunning and memorable mailers created specifically for small businesses and boutiques that want to stand out in the ever increasingly competitive ecommerce space.

In the language of flowers, hollyhocks symbolize ambition and abundance. We thought that this was a beautiful way of bringing intention into every aspect of what we do and what you are working toward. Our greatest wish for you and your business is amazing abundance as you pursue your ambitions!

Thank you,


Owner and Founder of Hollyhock Creative

Missouri, USA

Protect Deliverables in the Mail with High-Quality Poly Mailers Designed for Personal and Professional Shipping

When it comes to shipping small goods—such as T-shirts, apparel, and non-fragile items—you want mailers that are strong, durable, and stand up to all the rigors that come with local, national, and international shipping. We developed these Hollyhock Creative Poly Mailers to better protect items in transit, so you can better support customers, grow your small business, and ensure things you put in the mail safely reach their destination. Ideal for small business ventures, startups, and anyone looking to keep shipped goods protect in-transit get this 100-pack of poly mailers today and stay a step ahead.

Product Details:

· Premium Poly Mailers (100-Count)

· Thick, Resilient Protection (2.3mm)

· Tear and Puncture Resistant

· Waterproof Exterior

· Quick Peel-and-Seal Top

· Supports Non-Fragile Items

· Dimensions: 10” x 13”

Woman pulling pink poly mailer out of mailbox.

Woman pulling pink poly mailer out of mailbox.

Woman holding blue poly mailer.

Woman holding blue poly mailer.

Pink poly mailer flat lay with scissors, coffee, and twine.

Pink poly mailer flat lay with scissors, coffee, and twine.

Tamper-Resistant Seal

The strong peel-and-stick closure stays closed even if deliveries take weeks, so you can ensure nobody can sneak a peak or access contents until they reach their destination.

Thick and Resilient Bags

Boasting 2.3mm thickness these poly mailers are tear and puncture resistant, so you can worry less about damage happening to contents when they’re traveling long distances.

Store and Protect All Types of Goods

These multipurpose poly envelopes are perfect for a wide range of non-fragile items including shirts, leggings, baby blankets, clothes, books, gifts and even DIY creations such as hair ties, scrunchies, cosmetics, and other boutique accessories.

Woman in her living room with blue poly mailer packaging.Woman in her living room with blue poly mailer packaging.

Create a Lasting Brand Impression

Utilizing these premium poly mailers over standard envelopes not only better protects goods during transit it creates a more professional look for your business; especially if you’re just getting started. Make every customer feel like you care by sending their goods in high-quality, colorful mailers they’ll remember.

Blue poly mailer showing the self sealing back.

Blue poly mailer showing the self sealing back.

100 Pink Poly Mailers fanned out.

100 Pink Poly Mailers fanned out.

Blue poly mailer showing an item being put inside.

Blue poly mailer showing an item being put inside.

No Glue Needed

We’ve made it easier to seal these slim mailers because you don’t need to add glue, lick the top, or add heat. Just peel off the adhesive “cover” and press the openings together.

Affordable Bulk Pack

Every order comes with 100 individual self-sealing shipping mailers to give you plenty of support when servicing customers, filling orders, and supporting business needs.

Versatile Sizing

Each mailer is 10” x 13” in size and boasts stronger seams and a sealable top closure which provides more versatility when it comes to storing, protecting, or shipping goods.

All-Purpose Poly Envelope Mailers – Ideal for personal or professional shipping needs these 10” x 13” large poly mailers can be used for packaging and mailing brand goods, small craft items, T-shirts and apparel, and other non-fragile accessories.
Peel-and-Seal Adhesive Closure – These poly mailers envelopes have a secure, self-sealing top that help safely secure contents and prevent them opening too early due to moisture or heat. Especially important for long shipping distances!
Water, Tear, and Puncture Resistant – Durability is essential during shipping and mailing which is why our mailers poly bags are not only tamper resistant they’re waterproof, tear resistant, and more resilient at 2.3mm thick.
Decorative Pink and Gold Finish – Our multipurpose poly mailers help deliverables stand out because they each feature a bright and vibrant pink and gold finish on the front and back. Perfect for ensuring your packages surprise customers and clients.
Essential for Small Businesses – Hollyhock Creative 100-count mailer bundles play a vital role for small businesses looking to each customer, expand their business, and ensure their goods reach their destination safely; all while saving on shipping costs.