Needle is a faceted search system build with PHP. All search request perform with ajax so there is no redirecting or refreshing the page, it return the result very quickly.


Why Needle?

All codes are very simple and nested properly. It’s very easy to modify. All of the search keys are returning form database so no need to add too many search options or checkbox in html just add your products to database and the search panel will update itself. Any kind of website can use this faceted search system. ex: any kind of eCommerce, Hotel Booking, Automobile Showroom etc.

Crawl efficiency & SEO performance

This can be an enormous challenge for eCommerce sites, which can have hundreds – or even thousands – of pages which are similar versions of the same product/category. With multiple possible combinations of attributes (color, sizes, material, etc.) for each product on the site, Googlebot could waste a ton of your crawl bandwidth crawling in and out of navigational filters.

Needle uses Ajax to perform search and navigate to page. The main benefit of using AJAX for faceted navigation is that a new URL is not created when a user is on a page and applies a filter or sort order. The entire process happens client-side with JavaScript, without involving the web server.


  • Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta
  • jQuery 3.2.1
  • jQuery UI 1.12.1
  • Normalize.css 7.0.0

Update Log

    2021.08.24 - Add new range slider (touch compatible) 
    2021.08.14 - Add intermediary table for "Products" and "Colors". From now on a product can have multiple colors.
    2021.07.13 - Bugfix on hard-coded image path
    2021.03.11 - Bugfix on description search
    2021.03.10 - Add a message if no result found
    2021.03.10 - Bugfix on pagination links 
    2021.01.19 - Remove "Load More >>>" button if there is no more items
    2019.04.09 - Responsive design 
    2018.12.27 - Compatible with IE11 & Edge
    2018.11.12 - Bug fix on product load.
    2018.09.06 - Bug fix on search in `description` field.
    2018.06.15 - Add "Clear all filters" button.
    2018.02.10 - Display available product quantity on search list
    2017.11.13 - Bug fix: Stop previous Ajax request if new request starts. (effective on large database or low bandwidth)
    2017.10.29 - Initial Upload

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