Awesome Images is a photo sharing platform. Create your own photo sharing website like Instagram in just 3 minutes.

Quickly create photosharing website like Instagram or 9gag
Awesome Images : Photo Sharing Platform - Supports GIFs and Social Login - 1
Now supports social login for facebook, twitter and google
Awesome Images : Photo Sharing Platform - Supports GIFs and Social Login - 2
Awesome Images : Photo Sharing Platform - Supports GIFs and Social Login - 3
Awesome Images : Photo Sharing Platform - Supports GIFs and Social Login - 4
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Design Features:

  • Modern Design UI and UX.
  • Coolest Welcome page with animation of image defined by Site Admin.
  • Animated full screen morph search box.
  • Timeline view for images.
  • Random posts on the homepage with Facebook like loading animation.
  • Animated Popup for login, sign-up and upload images.
  • Fixed sidebar and fixed upload images button.
  • GIF Images: Support for Play/Stop for Gif Images
  • Blur Images: If the uploaded image is having a low resolution, it gets resized with blurred background.
  • Infinite Scrolling: No need to tap on the next page to view more images.
  • Lazy Load: Images will only be loaded when you scroll to its location.

User Features:

  • Unique Username: Each user has a unique username.
  • Unique Profile link: Each user has a link to their username.
  • Image Gallery: Images posted by the users are shown in their profile.
  • Follow/Unfollow System: The user can go to another profile and follow or unfollow them.
  • User Points: User can earn points aka karma in their profile.
  • Recommendation Engine: The images uploaded by users you followed will be displayed in the recommended section of the home page.
  • Likes: User can like/unlike the images.
  • Random Avatar: After sign-up, the user is assigned a cool looking random avatar.
  • Comments and Replies: Users can comment and reply on each other uploads.
  • Social Share: User can share the images on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even WhatsApp.
  • 1 Click Image Download: User can download images directly from the image view page.
  • Welcome Email: New User signup welcome email.
  • New Follow Notification Email: Email notification whenever someone follows you.

Admin Features:

  • Admin Dashboard: The admin has a unique dashboard.
  • Minimalistic Look: No complex menus. All the tasks have been made simple to be performed by Admin.
  • Update Notification: If there is any update to the script in the codecanyon, the admin will be notified in the dashboard.
  • Brief insights on Dashboard A brief insights for new signups, new uploads and analytics shows on the dashboard.
  • Editor’s Choice: Admin can handpick images to feature on the website. Images selected in the Editor’s Choice will be visible on the “Featured” section of the home page.
  • Analytics: Analytics of user and uploads categorized in weekly and monthly basis.
  • Categories: Create, Edit and Delete Categories.
  • Image Manager: Edit and Delete image uploaded by users throughout your website.
  • Search Engine: Quick search with Username or Email address for users or search with Image Caption for images.
  • Page Manager: Add, Edit or Delete Pages like About Us, Contact Us etc.
  • Custom 404 Page: 404 page can be customized with Page Editor. It supports custom HTML, CSS and Javascript too.
  • User Management System: Get list of all users. Edit or Delete them as you wish.
  • User Ban: Admin can ban a user and their uploads will be hidden throughout the website. Banned user will also be notified in their profile page.
  • Verified User: Admin can mark user as “Verified User”. A tick mark badge will be appended to the user’s profile page marked as verified.
  • Website Settings: All the basic website settings like website Name, Logo, Mobile Logos, Favicons etc. can be configured easily.
  • Favicons for all devices: When admin uploads a favicon, it is resized and made compatible for all the devices.
  • Points for user: Admin can opt to allow or disallow points for user uploads.
  • Avatar from gallery: Admin can opt to allow or disallow users to choose an avatar from the gallery.
  • Appearances Settings: Customize the site according to your need. Includes settings to change Site Color, Header Type (Fixed/Static), Header Color, Button Color.
  • Watermarks: Uploaded images can have watermarks on them.
  • Welcome Page Background: Admin can choose any image as welcome background.
  • SEO Settings: Change Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords.
  • Google Analytics: Easy Google Analytics integration.
  • Social Links: Directly add social links from the SEO Settings page.
  • Google Ads Easy Google Ad integration on homepage and single view page.
  • Custom Ad Banner: Add your own custom banner ad image on the homepage.
  • Mail Engines: Multiple Mail Engines support. Mailtrap, Mailgun and Mandrill.
  • Test Emails: Mail test sandbox for developers with Mailtrap

Awesome Images : Photo Sharing Platform - Supports GIFs and Social Login - 9

Security Features

  • CSRF Protection
  • Cross cite scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt password hashing

User Demo

 Username: frankistine
 Password: demouser1

Admin Demo

 Username: admin
 Password: password

Version Log

Version 1.4    05-07-2018
    NEW: Quick Setup for the script (Like WordPress setup)
    NEW: Social Login: Facebook, Twitter, and Google
    NEW: URL for clearing the cache (
    Fixed empty hashtags text on the homepage
    Minor UI bugs fixes
Version 1.3    08-03-2018
    NEW: Leaderboard Section (Shows Leaderboard based on user's Karma)
    NEW: Added Leagues
    Improved DB seeder
    Minor Bugs Fixes
Version 1.2.2    03-11-2017 
    NEW: Admins can change users password. [ Manage Users > Select User > Change Password]
    NEW: Add Location or a little Bio on profile page. 
    NEW: Added Current Version and Available version information in the dashboard.
    Added Verified Profile badge in the headers near user's avatar/name.
    Fixed upload rotation issues with images captured with digital camera and smartphones [Ignorning EXIF meta data]
    Fixed avatar rotation issues
    Fixed Image Caption edit bug on admin dashboard.
    Separated the installation folders for Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting users.
Version 1.2.1    16-10-2017 
    NEW: Support for Shared Hosting.
    Updated the documentation with quick installation procedure for shared hosting.
    Major security update for user avatar changing functionality.
    Added support for Small-Medium old devices (ipad)
    Removed absolute codes.
Version 1.2    23-09-2017 

    Localization Language File. Added method to change website language in the Documentation.
    NEW: UTF-8 characters support for slug and Image Caption. (Supports Chinese or Arabic Characters)
    NEW: View Images by Category.
    Fixed empty image caption bug.
    Added new tag package with support for UTF-8 characters.
    Added tags input for Tags view pages.
    Removed auto-complete of tags placeholder from browser history. 
    UI improvements in tags input design. 
    Added Readmore.js plugin to plugins.js 
    Fixed Show-more Show-less bug with emoji. 
    Font size fixes for better UX.
    Speed Optimization
Version 1.1    18-09-2017

    Full remap of interface.
    - Homepage now has your feed (images of the users you follow and the images that you uploaded) (Kudos to user "guesswhat" for suggestions)
    - If a user is not following anyone, Follow Suggestions will be displayed.
    - If a user is not logged in, the user will be redirected to "Explore" page.
    - Hot Page has been converted to "Explore" page like Instagram.

    New: Add multiple tags on images.
    New: View all images with a particular tag.
    New: Added features like duplicate tags validation.

    New: Appoint any user as Admin.
    New: Trending tags section on the homepage.
    New: Follow suggestions like Instagram.
    New: Social links and website links for the users.(Kudos to user "dude1977" for suggestions)
    New: Show More/Show Less feature for long Image Caption
    New: Image optimization by resizing the image and keeping the aspect ratio (Tested Image of 2.2M, converted to 48k after upload)

    Max upload size is now set to 3M.

    Many UI/UX improvements.
    Tons of bugs fixes.

    XSS issue fixed for comments and replies.
    XSS issue fixed for Post Tinker on Homepage.
    Website Speed Optimization
    Improved Documentation
Version 1.0.1    13-09-2017 

    Profanity/Badwords Filter
    Bugs Fixes
    Performance Enhancement