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Inspired Mailers poly mailersInspired Mailers poly mailers

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Our story

How we got our start? While running a small fashion brand with an online shop, we wanted to be unique and offer fun packaging, but weren’t big enough to order custom supplies in bulk. We decided to manufacture our own gorgeous packaging and not only use them ourselves but also sell them to other small businesses. What makes our product unique? We design beautiful and fun packaging that allows small brands and retail shops to show their personality without having to commit to the large quantities required for custom designs. Why we love what we do? We are extremely proud to be a successful women-owned small business and we love being able to provide unique, high quality and beautiful products for other retail shops and online sellers.

30 UNPADDED POLY MAILERS: Pack contains 30 poly mailers – 10 mailers each of 6×9”, 10×13” and 14.5×19” sizes. These envelopes are UNPADDED and can be used for shipping non-fragile items such as clothing and catalogs.
SHIP IN STYLE: Our top quality mailing bags in a large selection of designer prints will help you to distinguish your brand by personalizing the experience for the customer, creating a remarkable and memorable moment upon receipt.
CONFIDENTIAL, DURABLE AND SECURE: Our mailers are 3.15mil thick, 57.5% thicker than the standard 2mil. This makes them durable, opaque, and weather resistant. Extra secure adhesive creates a strong, tamper-evident seal that ensures shipments will not open.
NOTE REGARDING SIZE MEASUREMENTS: The thickness of your product determines the size you require. To determine width: Add the Width of product + Thickness of product + ½ inch. To determine length: Add the Length of product + Thickness of product + 1 inch.
VIEW OUR ENTIRE RANGE: You can view our entire range of prints and sizes at the Inspired Mailers Amazon Store by clicking on “Visit the Inspired Mailers Store” at the top of this listing.