In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

How Small Businesses Can Meet and Exceed the Expectations of a Hybrid, Multi-Generational Workforce
While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a hybrid workplace structure, SMBs who cater to the diverse needs of their staff will be well-poised for long-term success. Thank you for the great read, Eric Yu.

How Algorithm Updates Impact Your SEO
Core Updates can be particularly painful if your site had web pages ranking on page one for valuable keywords that then dropped to page two, or worse, stopped being promoted entirely. So, when it comes to algorithm updates, how exactly should site owners respond? Manick Bhan, gives a great explanation.

Learning and Development Lessons from the Pandemic
The pandemic has brought about numerous changes in the way we work and interact within our organizations, and it has also affected the way we develop, deliver, and assess employee training. While many of these ideas were already in play before the pandemic, they have emerged as best practices in the virtual and work-from-home environment. Thank you, Stephanie Stoll, for these great insights.

Six Rules For Building Phenomenal B2B Customer Experiences
Today’s customers don’t just want great products; they also desire elevated experiences that deliver the outcomes most important to them. Here are six rules to follow when building phenomenal B2B experiences. Thank you for the helpful insight, Monica Koedel.

In the Hybrid Era, On-Sites Are the New Off-Sites
If your goal is to bring people together in real life at work you need to design a day employees won’t want to miss. At the very least, it’s critical to be intentional about how you plan your company’s days in the office, not only to add incentive, but also to make it worth your employees’ and your company’s time. Thank you for the great read, Erica Keswin.

Empathy: It’s Your Game-Changer
Empathy is essential to leadership. It greases the wheels of productivity, fosters loyalty, and creates inclusion. But to leaders, even imagining being empathetic is scary. Thank you for the great read,  Weaving Influence.

4 Straightforward Sales Goals | Sales Strategies
Here are four sales goals that you should know. They are simple, effective and will help you set the right targets and keep you on track throughout the year. Thank you, Colleen Francis, for the great insight.

What Makes A Powerful Mission Statement
Over the past several decades, organizational leaders have grown to appreciate the role of purpose in building a thriving company. A strong sense of purpose attracts great talent, keeps them motivated and engaged, and bonds them together with coworkers to increase collaboration. Here are four elements that make up a powerful mission statement. Thank you for the great read, David Burkus.

Why and How You Should Caption Your Video Content
Visual content continues to soar, but you could be leaving out a crucial portion of your audience. Follow these best practices to make your videos more inclusive in 2022. Thank you for the helpful tips, Aaron Paquette.

5 Reasons Business-to-Business Companies Should Not Ignore Twitter
Most people think of Twitter as a broadcast platform, but in reality, it’s the best listening platform there is. Establishing thought leadership has never been easier. Thank you, Hillel Fuld, for the great read.

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