What is PBN and what is the benefit of PBN Backlink?

Talking about blogging, many people do blogging in different ways, out of which some follow SEO guidelines and use some tricks to rank their blogs. Today we will know What is PBN, How to Make PBN?  Friends, today our topic is going to be very funny, today I will tell you what is PBN i.e. Private Blog Network and how you can become your own PBN to rocket your website in Google. You can get ranked in very little time.

And what are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a PBN network, today I am going to give you all the information on this topic, if you also want to know what is PBN and how to make it, then definitely read it till the end of today?

What is PBN ?

What is PBN ? (Private Blog Network) 

PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network or group in which 10 or more high authority blogs target anyone’s blog, due to which the google ranking of that blog increases, as a result its traffic also increases.

Example: – Like I have a blog, then this blog is there and if I have 10 to 15 different blogs apart from this blog, then this group of blogs is called a blog network.

And suppose if I hide the identity of all these 10 to 15 different blogs from you ie in one blog I register in my name and the rest of the blogs in the name of my relatives then those blogs become private and thus they Bring traffic from all blogs to own blog is called private blog network. And the authority of all these private blog networks is very high and bloggers mostly use expired domains to create them.

Uses of PBN 

Guys, you must know what is PBN, but now I will tell you what is the benefit of making it and what is the use of it, friends, there can be a lot of reasons behind creating any private blog network.

But all bloggers make PBN only for backlinks because the authority of all these private blog networks is very high and if you give backlinks to anyone from all these high authority websites then link juice is passed.

And the authority of that website and domain increases and Google thinks that a high authority website has given a backlink to your blog, which increases the trust of Google on your blog, but the identity of all your PBN is secret. Google does not seem to know and your website ranks in Google very quickly with the help of all these PBN Backlinks.

Guys, but it also has some disadvantages, which we will talk about further and will tell you what precautions should be taken before making it plain.

Advantages of PBN

Guys, as I told you above, the authority of the website is very high in the PBN blog network, so if your website gets backlinks from those private blog networks, then the first advantage is that Google will have increased trust in your website.

And the second advantage, with the help of PBN-backlinks, your blog authority will increase, due to which your articles and websites will start ranking on Google very quickly and in less time, which will give you a lot of benefits.

Disadvantage of PBN

Guys, if you can benefit from anything, then you may also have to bear the loss, friends, if you have made any mistake in creating PBN and if Google comes to know that all these private blogs are yours.

So friends, your website which was ranking on top in Google with the help of PBN and on the same Google will downgrade your website in a few seconds and rarely again rank your website on Google because from this Google’s trust in your website decreases, so whenever you create a PBN, be careful.


Guys, here we will answer some such questions about PBN, which often search all the people on Google:

Is PBN illegal?

Guys, creating PBN can prove to be very harmful to you and it is illegal in the eyes of Google, but many bloggers are still taking advantage of its help, but one day if Google sees your website and Google finds out. If so, your website will be directly banned and penalized and will never rank.

What is a PBN Backlink?

PBN backlink is a group of some blogs whose authority is very good and their identity is kept secret from the eyes of Google so that they can bring their website backlink from this and bring them to the top of Google, this is called a private blog network. 

What is a Private Blog?

Private blogs are those blogs that are kept secret from the eyes of everyone, that is, their identity is hidden, this is known as a private blog.

Can earn money from PBN Blog?

Yes, Guys, you can earn money through the PBN blog, first, you can earn money by adding Adsense to your PBN blog but you have to create a separate Adsense account for everyone because with one account Google will get your PBN blog. You will find out from which you may have to suffer loss.

Friends, you can make very good money by giving backlinks through your PBN blog and many people also sell PBN backlinks for 50$-500$.


Guys, I hope you must have known what is PBN, friends, I would say that you should not do any such work which will cause you problems and never adopt shortcuts because you work hard day and night on your blog. So if you want more information like this please share my blog and do comment. I will post content on that topic only about which you want information. Visit on my blog: digitalgyanweb20.blogspot.com 

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