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Ship Products In Style & Give Your Brand An Identity People Can Get Behind With Obviously Green Compostable Mailers!

Single-use plastic products aren’t good for your brand, your customers, or the environment. This is why we use quality materials and bright colors to bring you compostable mailers that are a plant-based alternative that’s better in every way.

Our colorful and cute mailers are thick, lightweight, and made without using any plastics. They are 100% compostable in backyard and home composting units while being durable and strong to keep your packages safe during their journey.

Strong, Convenient & Waterproof – Quality Packaging Without The Guilt

Obviously Green packaging envelopes are 100% plant based, just as durable as plastic, and won’t tear easily to keep any products you’re shipping to customers dry and secure whether it be rain or shine making them ideal for use all year.

Each pack comes with 60 biodegradable mailers in 3 different sizes that include 20 Small, 20 Medium, and 20 Large mailer envelopes to provide the right fit for storing everything ranging from clothes to home-baked goods and more!

Features You’ll Love:
– Our compostable mailer bags have no scent or harsh chemicals
– We use strong adhesive to keep them securely closed during transit
– The 3 different sizes allow you to store a wide range of products
– Our mailers are just as trendy and stylish as they are durable
– They don’t contribute to pollution, produce emissions or leave behind harsh residues

Bring Your Brand Up To Date & Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Customers With Obviously Green Compostable Mailers!
100% Compostable Mailers: Our biodegradable mailing bags are 100% plant based and made without using any plastics, BPA, or harsh chemicals. They offer the same convenience as plastic mailers and can safely be composted at home and are ideal for businesses that want a better image
Durable And Tear Resistant: Our mailing bags for clothes are thick, durable, and offer protection against moisture to make sure your products reach your customers just the way you shipped them. Thanks to the strong seal, the mailer bags are waterproof and resistant to tearing and stretching
Leave A Lasting Impression: These compostable packaging bags for small business don’t just show your commitment to supporting a cleaner planet but also show customers how much you care. Our colorful envelope mailers aid in elevating your brand and differentiation your business from the rest
Ship Products In Style: Each pack comes with 60 thick unpadded shipping envelopes (20 Small, 20 Medium, 20 Large) in eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing colors to make sure your customers are impressed even before opening the package while offering ample storage space.
Just Right For Your Business: We made our packing envelopes to meet all your small business packaging needs. They provide the perfect fit for packing and shipping notebooks, shoes, clothes, gifts, jewelry, documents, and much more while keeping them safe and protected
Suffocation Warning are included on the mailers to make your life much easier