What if you could get a single platform where you can share your music, reach out to like minded musicians and fans to connect with them? Well, for all established and aspiring musicians looking for one such platform, MusicEngine provides all that. MusicEngine is a social networking website dedicated solely for musicians. It is a unique concept that brings together the power of both social networking and music sharing at one place.

Music Share (artist or admin upload) demo

Demo Link:


Admin Email: [email protected]

Admin Password: admin123

Moderator email: [email protected]

Moderator Password: mod123 

Artist account username: artist

Artist account Password: artist123

Login by artist account, click to top right menu choose: Artist / Band Manager

Note: There is some unique features will just work if you are using a real mobile device, please use a mobile device if you want to test the mobile look.

Music Streaming (spotify and youtube api)

Demo Link:

Admin demo is like Music Share Version above

MusicEngine - Music Social Networking - 1

MusicEngine - Music Social Networking - 2

MusicEngine - Music Social Networking - 3

MusicEngine - Music Social Networking - 4

MusicEngine - Music Social Networking - 5


  • Support all browse, even Internet Explore 11
  • Never stop playing for any reasons, like login/logout even change whole site language, the site will not going to reload once.</li>
  • Light/Dark theme with modern design
  • Super fast even on mobile devices
  • Serious design and care for mobile devices
  • Easy to change url structure
  • Support Wasabi, Amazone S3, FTP, Cloud Driver to storage your media.
  • Support HLS to protect your music files, it’s also help to play much faster on iOS devices
  • Support store HD version of music files (for subscription playable, for example)
  • Support Laravel queue for sending email and creating artwork conversions.
  • Login by email or username as you like
  • Usergroup level with permission granted, easy to craete Admin Or Modration account.
  • Share song/album/playlist/queue current songs with Widget Embed player
  • Drag&Drop music object to queue
  • Support multi storage (FTP, S3 Cloud etc…)


  • Your can turn your site to an automate system (use spotify API for song,artist,album, youtube api for streaming)


  • Create playlist with artwork, mark it as genre and mood
  • Your friend can subscribe to your playlist and get the playlist activities notify, like when you add new songs to your playlist, script will let your friends know.
  • Set publish or private
  • Add multi songs to playlist, add playing queue to playlist
  • Sortable to reorder your playlist song
  • Invite friends as Collaborators of your playlist then start build playlist together.


  • Share song/album/playlist/artist to friend, you can mention your friend and use hash tag on your share.
  • Activities new feed, receiving news when friends play/favorite/collect song, create new playlist, follow an artist
  • If friends online, you can check what are they playing, even can see their’92s queue (private can set in settings area)
  • Friend online/last activated

Artist system

  • Visitors can claim to access existing artist or claim all new artist profile.
  • Artist can upload songs (bulk upload), create album, can scheduling the time to release songs/albums.
  • Artist can create event, it’92s will automatically notify to their fan
  • Artist’s fan get notified when artist upload new songs/albums
  • Artist can re-order track in their’92s album.
  • Admin can verify songs/albums before publish/reject (with notify email to the artist), or you can get it published right away if you mark asrtist as “trusted”. You can also limit the period that artist can edit/delete their song/album
  • Artist can sell song/album and earn commision


  • Artist can create podcast by importing podcast’s RSS your create own podcast then upload episode.
  • Artist can earn commission when a episode has been played.
  • User can subscribe a podcast to get new notification of new release episode.


  • Drag/Drop song to player
  • Autoplay (suggest next song)/Radio
  • Save whole player queue into favorites/playlist/collection
  • Share embed playlist with your queue songs.
  • Add songs/albums/playlist as next or last tracks.

Comment & Reaction

  • You can comment everywhere, song/artist/album activity
  • Multiline input.
  • Emoji build-in
  • You can reply, like, react any comment
  • Authors are allow to edit/delete their comments
  • Admin/Mod can verify comment before its publisment (option)

Subscription system

  • – Create any plan with period you like
  • – Option to allow trial before people get charge
  • – Automatic charge payment after trial time.
  • – An invoice will be sent on the time payment has been charged
  • Support various currency: US dollar, Japanese yen, Bulgarian lev, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Pound sterling, Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Icelandic krona, Norwegian krone, Croatian kuna, Russian rouble, Turkish lira, Australian dollar, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Hong Kong dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli shekel, Indian rupee, South Korean won, Mexican peso, Malaysian ringgit, New Zealand dollar, Philippine peso, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, South African rand

Radio Station

  • Categorized station
  • Browse by region/country/language/city

SEO optimized

  • Easy to change url structure as you like
  •  Manage meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords for every single page.

Admin Panel

  • Super power admin panel help you to manage big data.
  • Support mass action in every section (like mass edit song genre)
  • Powerful filter in every section
  • Manage your SEO Metatags
  • Manage Advertising materials
  • And so much more…

Change logs

Important note: please read how to update here

Version – Jul 5, 2021

- Added song lyrics
- Added option to select default country
- Allow count stream even for guest
- Fixed admin locale
- Fixed issues with .m3u8 stream
- Fixed issues with deleting comments
- Added option to disable youtube player and force https
- Fixed problem with guest download and hd streaming
- Added support of Media Controller (now you control player on mobile notification)

Version – April 19, 2021

- Fixed issues with idtag3 for m4a format (quicktime)
- Fixed issues with playing preview when missing Mp3 (only HLS)
- Fix issues with plan if deleted after purchased
- Fix issues with artist image from spotify
- Fixed Genre population by spotify
- Fixed issues with admin url when installing in a sub-directory (full support to install in a sub-directory now)
- Fixed issues with youtube player
- Fixed issues artwork not display when turn off spotify
- Fixed 15+ reported bugs
- Added ability to login by Apple account
- Added ability to edit songs audio file and Add songs without files
- Added ability to create auto-channel which auto-populate top interaction of the day, week, month for songs, albums, playlists, podcasts ...

Version – Feb 22, 2021

- Fixed 5 reported bugs
- Fixed some missing translation
- Fix spotify artwork issues of some artists
- Update deeplink scheme
- Fixed issues with preview
- Fix the problem when turn off Stripe
- Allow to hide Youtube player by default (site settings)
- And more

Version – Jan 28, 2021

- Fixed issue with youtube volume
- Fixed issues with uploading m4a and wav for podcast and seek bar problem
- Fix the problem when turn off Stripe
- Fixed facebook login after creating token for mobile app
- Fixed issues rotating the image when uploaded avatar by capturing phone's camera
- Fixed issues with inviting collaborators and sidebar not hide on mobile when creating playlist
- And more

Version – Jan 4, 2021

- Fixed auto install on mysql 5.6 and older, from now on you DON’T have to do manually installation 
- Improve spotify version speed
- Bugs fixed and stabilization 
- And more...

Version – Dec 27, 2020

- Fixed google captcha v3
- Allow to add tags to song
- Fixed some bug in admin panel, added ability for admin to edit song/album price in panel
- And more...

Version – Dec 15, 2020

- Upload song (mp3) get it's waveform, no FFMPEG required, high resolution supported
- Allow to add tags to song
- Fixed 15+ reported bugs
- And more...

Version – November 28, 2020

- Improve performance by rebuild cache and optimization 
- Add ability to set album track number automatically by uploading order.
- Fixed 10+ reported bugs

Version 2.0.8 – November 14, 2020

- Fixed 10+ reported bugs

Version 2.0.0 – November 4, 2020

- Added automate extension (spotify and youtube api, option to enable it)
- Added a landing page (option to enable)
- Added ability to filter friend in Community sidebar
- Added ability to set user status to online or offline
- Fixed 15+ reported bugs
- Improve Advert feature
- Added ability to create automatic channel (for example you can create Just released album channel)

Version 1.2.0 – October 14, 2020

- Introducing one click auto update the system
- Support DRM for HLS streaming, prevent audio from being stolen by downloader such as Internet Download Manager. Now songs/podcasts are perfectly protected. Check out some song is protecting by DRM,
- Support background conversion. Normally upload songs will take some time to finish because of conversions was running (to convert mp3, create HLS etc…). Now the system will do it in background just like youtube.
- Added ability to upload all kind of audio filetype like flac, wav, mp4, aac etc…
- Added ability for artist upload/import rss podcast
- Added ability to subscribe postcast to get notification of new episodes.
- Added ability for artist to sell song/album and get commission with cart and checkout
- Added ability to set max/mix song/album’s price for each user group. For example free use can sell at 0.99$ each song, but premium use can sell at 9.99.
- Added ability to pay artist per stream song/podcast episode
- Added Store and Podcast page.
- Added report abuse for podcast and song.
- Added ability to disabed play function on each usergroup. For example you can disabled play if user not loggedin. Or can set some songs free so stream, some songs need subscription.
Improved system to work with Shared Hosting
- Fixed 20+ reported bugs
- And many more…