Inline Content Locker - Green Popups Add-On
Inline Content Locker is an add-on for Green Popups for WordPress plugin that allows you to hide important content behind any inline popups, and display it to subscribers only. You can use any popup as opt-in locker form. All you need to do is to wrap protected content with shortcodes [lepopuplocker slug="POPUP_SLUG"]...[/lepopuplocker]. If people want to view this content they must submit popup’s form. After submission all hidden content become visible. Very simple workflow. Inline Content Locker is a perfect way to extend functionality of your website.

The content is hidden by JavaScript, so it is still visible and indexed by search engines.

This add-on requires Green Popups for WordPress version 7.00 or higher to be installed.

Installation and using

  1. Make sure that you have Green Popups for WordPress version 7.00 or higher installed.
  2. Downloads “Inline Content Locker” from CodeCanyon, install and activate it as a regular WordPress plugin.
  3. If you want to hide a piece of content and ask user to submit popup’s form, just wrap this content with shortcode.
    [lepopuplocker slug="POPUP_SLUG"]

    POPUP_SLUG is a popup slug taken from relevant column on Popups page.


    [lepopuplocker slug="POPUP1_SLUG*POPUP2_SLUG"]

    POPUP1_SLUG is a popup slug for desktops/laptops.

    POPUP2_SLUG is a popup slug for mobiles.

  4. Read documentation regarding using Inline Content Locker on your site.


[2020-04-30 - version 2.00 released]
- Works with new Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups).


If you have any problems regarding using the add-on, please contact us for assistance.