Amazon S3 integration for MailWizz EMA

Important: This extension is compatible only with MailWizz 2.x.
If you are still using MailWizz 1.x, you can still purchase a license for this extension and contact us to provide you the extension compatible with MailWizz 1.x.

This extension allows you to send various assets from your MailWizz EMA power application to Amazon S3.
For example, when you upload a template in backend or customers area, the assets for that template can be moved to Amazon S3.


– Send assets to S3 while uploading emails in backend area
– Send assets to S3 while uploading emails in customers area
– Allow customers to use your S3 account to store the assets or force them to use their own

Install/Configure in a few easy steps

– Login in the backend of your MailWizz EMA powered website and navigate to Extensions menu.
– Hit the upload button and select the extension archive and upload it.
– Enable the extension then click on it’s title to go to the extension page from where you can see input your extension details.
– Input your Amazon S3 details in the extension settings.
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MailWizz EMA >=
– PHP >= 5.3


Please address any question, support ticket or any other query by using your mailwizz customer account.